Burning Issues

One thing you can do to transform your leadership

By Cathy Jacob

If you asked me, what ONE THING could I do that would make me a better leader? I wouldn’t hesitate. This one thing can be learned in an instant, can be practiced easily every day and takes a lifetime to master. With conscious practice, this one skill can build self-awareness, improve your relationships and grow your impact.

The one thing? Attention.

More precisely, the conscious practice of harnessing and directing your attention to where it is needed at any given moment. To read the full article click here

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Powerful Questions

How can I build discipline from failure?

Two little words that make the difference

By Cathy Jacob

In 2004, I took an intensive 10-month leadership development course in California that included a high ropes course.  I WAS TERRIFIED.  With limbs trembling and not enough saliva left in my mouth to spit, I walked high wires strung between giant redwoods, jumped off platforms into the open air, traversed rickety rope bridges with nothing to hold on to.   To read the full article click here