Nova Scotia Department of Health

"Our work with Fire Inside made a profound difference to the members of our team.  We are more aware, skillful and confident as individuals and more engaged and productive as a team.  The legacy of this work remains even as the team's composition changes. We’d do it again in a heartbeat!

Colette Curran - Director Human Resources, Public Service Commission

Team Coaching 2008 - 2010


In 2008, following a significant reorganization at the leadership level, and in anticipation of significant service delivery changes, the Director of Human Resources serving the Department of Health saw a unique opportunity to build team cohesion, awareness, skills and resilience with her team of HR managers.

The Process

Fire Inside recommended a team coaching process focused on the unique needs of leadership teams and supported by the Team Diagnostic tm

The Results

In the follow up assessment, the team reported improvements in all 14 measures of productivity and team enagagement, with the most significant improvements in the areas of Accountability (19%), Camaraderie (17%) Trust (16%) and Constructive Interaction (16%). Two years after their team process was complete, the team reported they have sustained the team improvements they created during the team coaching process.